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August 28,2013
Thank You

This has been a record-breaking month for me, both for visits to my studio and art pages, and to the Blog entries, and I wanted to acknowledge my appreciation to all those who have continued to be interested in my work, both artistic and (artistically?) written!

I cannot pretend that I really understand how the Internet works (or radio or TV for that matter, but that might be oversharing), and how people find me there, but I am glad they do, and hopefully will continue to do so. It still amazes me that when I type my name into Google (oh come on, we all do it don't we?) there are so many options to click on, and over in images, more and more of my work is appearing! For my part, I will continue trying to keep all of you entertained and interested, and hopefully at least a little inspired, and I hope for your part, you will carry on with me on this journey of making and showing art, and sharing my thoughts with you.


Posted by Lydia Podobnik at 07:18


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