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April 04,2013
Knotted Pearls Not So Easy

The next time I say "no problem" when someone requests an unusual job, I may think twice! I have just finished cutting apart, re-stringing and knotting a 60 inch strand of champagne colored antique pearls. It is the longest strand by far that I have ever knotted, and was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Thankfully, I doubled the length of the working silk, because when all was said and done, 10 feet of silk ended up with only 13 inches left over! As I was coming toward the last 20 or so pearls, I was starting to panic, thinking I was going to have to cut the whole works apart and start over if I ran out of silk! On the bright side, the work is done, the strand looks even and beautifully knotted, tension is good, and my tension has passed :)

PeaceVintage Pearls

Posted by Lydia Podobnik at 07:45


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